Non-Standard Fiberboard Box

Fiberboard Packing Boxes for Shipping & Specialty Packaging Solutions

Sometimes it is difficult to find the right sized packing boxes for your specialty packaging and shipping needs:

Whatever your particular needs, Protection Industries is here to help you. Our durable, non-standard sized fiberboard boxes are designed to accommodate a variety of items and withstand the rigors of transport and handling.

Specialty Packaging Regulatory Compliance & International Documentation

Protection Industries is a certified, experienced dangerous goods and international shipping specialist. We will provide you with a free evaluation of your items and let you know if there are any regulatory requirements you need to fulfill. For example, if you are shipping a laptop computer by air it is classified as “dangerous goods” because of its lithium battery. It must be properly packaged and documented according to strict regulatory guidelines.

Sometimes it is difficult to know what may be classified as “dangerous goods.” Like hand sanitizer - a rather harmless product one would think. But because it has alcohol in it, it must be packaged and documented according to regulatory standards set forth by the governing body for that mode of transportation. And there are different standards for each type of transportation - by air, sea, or ground.

Shipping dangerous goods has regulatory liability and there are fines and penalties for non-compliance. Oftentimes shipments are returned or confiscated. Protection Industries will ensure this doesn't happen to you.


Avoid shipping frustration. Work with a company trusted around the globe to provide accurate, reliable service.

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