Wood Crate/Box

Expert Wood Crating for Shipping & Warehousing

Protection Industries provides expert wood crating and packaging for a variety of items, both large and small, that will be warehoused, or shipped by air, sea or ground domestically or internationally. We have packaged enough specialty items to know that not all wood crates are created equal. Our durable wood crates are made with export-compliant wood and stamped with the required ISPM-15 certified materials stamp. They are properly engineered to withstand the rigors of transport and designed for easy handling. They are milspec compliant to the Marine Underwriters Insurance standards.

Smart Choice

A wood crate doesn't take up any more room than a fiberboard box yet is easier to ship and offers so much more versatility and protection. Wood crates are often used for:

Save Costs, Re-Usable

Designed to withstand rigors of transport and handling, our wood crates are durable, high quality and code compliant. Providing you with the added convenience and cost-saving benefit of being re-usable, they continue to function for returns, multiple shipments, or repurposing for warehousing.

Avoid Damage & Theft

To reduce the risk of your items being stolen from warehouses or shipments, wood crating offers a more secure solution than shrink wrapping a pallet.

For the long haul overseas on an ocean vessel or long-term storage in a warehouse, wood crates can be prepared with a vapor barrier protection. Keeping out both air and moisture, a vapor barrier protects machinery and electronics, for example, from rust and corrosion.


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